Xander Muse

Click for larger view Name: Xander Muse
Title: Shaman King
Owner: Joel
Location: Runic Island
Birthday: 19th of April
Affinity: Earth
Abilities: Variety, Runic, Innocence

Xander came to Joel after he was inspired by mysterious symbols and the enigma surrounding the idea of Runic magic. The band, Enigma, also helped bring alive many of the ideas that came to be Runic Island, an entire island that came to exist in FanFyria from Xander's influence on Joel. Ever since, he sticks with Joel encouraging him and helping him find inspiration in order to keep creating whether it be drawing, writing, or making games. The muse himself is a bit quiet and not as loud spoken as Exarrd, whom he considers an older brother figure, but he is always willing to take action when needed.

After all, he is a hero. In the tales of Runic Island, he is just a young hero who rises up to a call for adventure and ends up fighting for the nation. In the end he becomes their leader, known as the Shaman King and is currently the strongest Runic Shaman in all of Fan Fyria. He is the keeper of one of the strongest Runestones as well, the Runestone of Beginning which grants him the use of his favorite spell, Variety which literally opens him up to a whole world of possibilites, which may very well explain why his owner, Joel is so very random.

No matter what though, Xander will always be there for Joel, and always be showing him the world beyond the norm. With Xander, the realm of imagination and creation is always open for Joel.