About the Team

Name: Denny (DDP/Double D)
Muse: Exarrdian, keeper of the Wind of Muse
Location: Varna/Bulgaria
Birthday: 19th of September
Position: The insane leader thingy!
Current Project: Fan Fyria 1
Gallery: http://exarrdian.deviantart.com/

Likes: Things
Dislikes: Talking about the things she likes

Denny had the fortune, or misfortune (depending on where you are from), to be have been born in Bulgaria of all countries. She has been drawing ever since she was able to hold a pencil right. She is a self learner greatly influenced by 90s cartoons and jRPGs. And while I`m at it - no, she doesn`t watch anime and manga wasn`t sold here until recent years.
She couldn`t afford going to any art collage and there was really lack of such back then and thus Denny eventually graduated with bachelor degree in psychology.

She feels really blessed for meeting with Joel and Joey. Together they formed this wonderful team called InsaneSoft. This made Denny feel like maybe she won`t be so lonely in her flight through life after all and perhaps still realising her dreams.

She is officially engaged to Joel and he often jokes that she has 99 points of charisma. Sometimes she belives it too.

Name: Joel
Muse: Xander, Shaman King
Location: San Diego/USA
Birthday: 19th of December
Position: Co-leader thingy!
Current Project: SIN: Tactical Espionage
Gallery: http://eviltelephone.deviantart.com/

Likes: Penguins; Bears; Mountain Dew; RPGs; Strategy Games; One Piece; Java
Dislikes: California's Economy; Not being able to find something; Physics; Chemistry; Java

Contrary to the other two members, no one ever goes to him for advice. After all anything that comes from Joel can only make life worse. But research has proven that terrible things happen to people who don't have a Joel in their life. Sometimes...they even manage to stay sane.

He also has hax knowladge in techy things and penguinology. His extraordinary powers can make you realize many things.. like.. walls DO talk. Now while he is all insane as we got the idea by now, Joel is also Denny`s beloved mate so hands down or she may cut'em off instead.

Name: Joey
Muse: Ethereal, star of Nieran
Location: Los Angeles/USA
Birthday: 25th of August
Position: Real Ultimate Insanity Supporter!
Current Project: True Nature
Gallery: http://just-joey.deviantart.com/

Likes: Genes; anime; fantasy stories; stars; sashimi; and King Arthur
Dislikes: Cockroaches; heights; zombie movies; cell phones; and organic chemistry

Without Joey, the rest of the crew twiddles their thumbs waiting for her - nothing can get done without her. She is an amazing person who seems to always have sage like advice to give. She can also help cheer others up by telling the tragedy that is her workaholic life. But as hard as she works, she loves to have fun and chill with her buddies. Joey is such a good friend that when you find out she stole your wallet you just smile and nod and say "that's my pal!"

As Denny says, if you never seen a cool person before, look at Joey! Joey is also a baby Kangaroo. Not the Joey here. I mean a Joey. Though it is possible we have been typing to a baby kangaroo all these years... man that'd be so friggin awesome! Oh yeah, Joey is obsessed with gold and money so watch your vaults but don't bother locking them unless you want to pay for a new lock because she'll steal those too.