"Over Blue Horizons" and the upcoming sequel are written by Denny who started them for the sole reason of participating in NaNoWriMo and perhaps improve her english. The story chapters are written as best as she could do and perhaps next ones will be better. Please do keep in mind english is not her native tongue. Thank you for your patience and thank you even more for your interest in this story!

Updates! - 31/May/2010

After being properly edited, the book is now for sale! You can buy a copy from our IS bookstore.

Updates! - 13/Dec/2009

Gorgeous fan art added!

- Denny

Updates! - 10/Dec/2009

Well site is up. I did reread chapter 1 and tried to fix everything that seemed off to me but.. it's no use! Every time I reread any chapter, I keep finding things that sound off! Ah, well.

- Denny