Muse Gate is forum style roleplay game which team InsaneSoft created in order to share their world with more people and hopefully provide enjoyable experience to everyone who visits. The forum setting is based on FanFyria thus all locations are from there. All of the non-player characters are from said world. The storyline is episodic. Each episode takes from a month to a year, depending on the players. Most locations are locked except for these where the current episode takes place. That is necessary in order to make sure the players will be moving the current plot instead of aimlessly wander around. As new episode begin, new locations will be unlocked. During intermissions you may explore more. You can even explore outside the plot, but don't expect to get the GM's full attention.
If you plan to join, make sure you read the rules and the character application form before you head to the forums and register.

Non Roleplayers are welcomed too!

While the main focus of the forum is the roleplay itself, there are sections for no-roleplayers where people can talk about whatever they wish. Share ideas, share pictures, videos or music and generally have fun.