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Joey's written a lot of stories over the years about the world of FanFyria and the characters who inhabit it. Most of those stories fit at least loosely within the main FanFyria timeline and will be posted gradually on the site, so watch for them. But in the meantime, here's a little something random to start with...
  • Zealous in Wonderland [Cover Art]
    Driven by boredom, Zealous wanders away from Jah castle one afternoon and soon finds himself trapped in a world even more crazy than the one he's always tried to escape.
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Halloween Specials
Once a year, the players from the MuseGate storyline cross over to a strange, mysterious realm, where the gods of FanFyria and their characters wait to introduce the visitors to a whole new meaning of the word insanity...
  • The Sixth Window [Cover Art]
    That October, InsaneSoft welcomed you to All Hallows Memorial Hospital for the Deceased and Soon-to-be. It never ended.
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  • The Back Door [Cover Art]
    Running out of paperwork even faster than he ran out of patients, Boldwin decided to try a new endeavor on the side, and gave a hospitable welcome to MG's newest arrivals.
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  • The Unopened Fridge [Cover Art]
    Boldwin returns with his book of signatures, and with an appetite for scares. But this time, some of the MG players are on his side!
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Joel's Stories

  • Garland's World Tour
    A senile old clutz who often mistakes his own identity searches the entire Fan Fyria on an epic quest to find his missing son. What misadventure await this professor of inventions that seem to do more damage than help?
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