Like the wind, like faith, it's something that doesn't have a form you can hold or contain, but instead fills you and shows itself through what you create. It comes from many different places, but it's up to you what you do with that.


Joey - "Top 5 Ways to inspire myself"

5. Reading - I actually find that reading someone else's work inspires me. Though you have to be careful so that you don't go and start taking ideas from them. So maybe it's not good to go reading something too similar to what you're trying to write... But for me, just reading a favorite novel or an author I admire or an especially moving story or comic (or heck...just looking at art you like in terms of getting inspiration for drawing) that motivates me to feeling like "I want to create something that good too!" And what I read - adventure, romance, drama, comedy, whatever - helps set my mood for what I'm writing too.

4. Being Musical - Like the above, it doesn't do much for getting past a difficult scene or creating dialogue, or many of the specifics of writing, but I find it to be good for setting my state of mind. It helps first of all to have a playlist of favorite songs for the story or character or whatever you'll be working on. Then turn the volume up and sing or dance or just stand there and close your eyes and let the music soak into you. It's a good way to kick a little creativity into motion.

3. Going to work - Seriously...why is it that anytime I'm in the middle of a report at work or studying for an exam or something...that my writer's block suddenly shatters?
Really though, I find that staying busy, especially with non-creative work of some kind that actually requires your mind's a good way to jumpstart the creative side of your mind into action.

2. Driving - I love road trips. I grab a bunch of CDs and snacks and drinks, turn the heat up and crack open the windows......and sing along to Pokemon at the top of my lungs.
No really...for people who find driving to be relaxing anyway...on a long stretch of empty road, it's not such a bad thing to let your mind wander a little. I always keep the voice recorder on my phone handy on long trips, just so i can dictate ideas as I have them. It feels a bit silly, but it works.

1. Long Hot Showers - There are few things more mindlessly repetitive than bathing that we do during the day. do you vary up something like that anyway? Decide to use the conditioner before shampoo?
Now I'm known for taking long showers before bed...but it's something I love to do. It's relaxing and a great chance for my mind to wander. Probably half my ideas for stories...and especially my ideas for some of my best lines come to me in the shower. Not that it'll work for everybody, but if you hit a block and need to clear your head, it's worth a try.

Denny - "Anything and Everything!"

3. He`ll do,She will do, I`ll do. - When it comes to plot , for me, the best way to move the story is simply think of it as chain of reactions. I think of everyone and everything as a character. That includes trees, houses, the sock on the ground or the clock on the wall. Then it`s simple what character A will do, how Character B will react and will Character C ignore all this. Whenever I get stuck somewhere I just sit down, close my eyes and think about it for a moment. The answer usually pops up real quick.

2. Early in the morning/Late at night - Our minds tend to be more creative before we drift to sleep or just after we woke up. Surely we can`t always spare 30 minutes of our morning to roll in bed but for whose who can, this helps big time. For me late at night always works best but sadly I tend to forget whatever came to mind by the morning unless I did get up and wrote it down. Either way, the mind let`s go of logic while crossing the line between reality and dream and you`ll be surprised how many good ideas can come out then. Just think about this darn scene you have no idea how to do before you drift to sleep or right after you wake up.

1. Music - My number one source of inspiration is music. Whenever I have creative block of some kind or just got plain tired and can`t quite compute the next scenes I have to draw or write then music is my savior. I always do a playlist or folder with music that goes with the mood of whatever I`m working on. It helps me picture scenes, dialogues, movements and such much better. It`s not rare to get a whole scene pop in my head just from few words in a random song that randomly played in my music player.

Joel - "Use your environment"

3. Take a boring class - If you're bored in class you'll want to do anything but pay attention to the class. Thus ideas, ahoy! I'd recommend any math or physics class.

2. Get lost in a game - I'm the type who usually gets addicted to one game at a time, and thus completely get absorbed into the world of that game. As a result I usually end up with a bunch of new ideas or design ideas that are inspired from that setting. I'd recommend Romance of the Three Kingdoms for a war or chinese setting inspiration!

1. Friends - Don't be afraid to use your friends for inspiration. This works in multiple ways. Sometimes you may get ideas from something a friend says, and bam your mind starts rolling with ideas spinning off of that thought. Other times simply being with the right people may get your mind going from their creative energy - they do say two heads think better than one for a reason and you can bounce ideas off of each other. Lastly, if all else fails, you can think of the qualities your friends possess and maybe you'll realize they are similar to a character you had in mind and development takes off from there.