Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you draw/write/code/etc something for me?
A. Denny takes commissions; go here for more on that. Or if there's anything else you want to commission us for, we're generally up for it. Just send us an email with more info/questions. However, we all lead pretty busy lives, so for most free requests, the answer, unfortunately, will most likely be no.

Q. How can I contact one of you individually?
A. Denny -
Joel -
Joey -
Or you can contact us over deviantart or on the MuseGate forums. There's lots of ways to go about it.

Q. Will you feature my art/story/etc on your site?
A. In the future we might have more of a guest gallery, but for now we're not really set up for that. If you have something you want to share, visit the MuseGate forums and make a post in the Credendo Vidas section about it. If we like it, we may chose to do an additional feature in the blogs about it, but we're not under any obligation to do so.

Q. Can I feature your art/story/games/etc on my site?
A. long as you give us full credits. A link back to our site would be nice too. And by "feature" I mean a couple pictures or a story excerpt. But please ask permission before adding any of our works to a gallery or collection on your site. None of the art or writing may be manipulated and claimed as your own. That's theft. And if you happen to see any of our stuff online in places where it shouldn't be, please let us know. If you want to draw or write about our characters or our world, as long as it's still original work, that's fine. In fact, please share what you create with us. And please don't be disrespectful with what you create.

Q. I love InsaneSoft! What should I do?
A. Make an appointment with your doctor to get your head checked as soon as possible. But before you do, draw us fanart, buy our stuff, tell a couple friends, and most of all...go get to know your own characters and create!

Q. I hate InsaneSoft! What should I do?
A. Go here. Play a while. Come back once you feel better.

If you have any other questions, comments, problems with the site, etc... please contact us at
We'll try not to forget to check our email too much.