Denny and her Muse

You know it is really hard when someone asks you to explain what is your muse. Then again, it is even harder to sit down and answer this question yourself. Really, what drives your creativity? What is the center of your creative power? I know it took me a while to get to it but once I did, everything began to feel like a flight through the sky.

You see, as a creator I am proud. At times arrogant maybe. I tend to admire the beauty of all that moves be it the leaves on the tree or the people on the street. Sometimes I smile as I walk thinking how beautiful is every little creation around me and they are all part of this motion. Other times I just laugh at the simple mind of people and their trivial matters that makes their little world go around and they fail to grasp the huge masterpiece in front of them. But most of the time I feel lonely because I don`t think anyone really sees the world the way I do. A long story, chain of events with no beginning or end and while you are on the page you read you can either go on reading it the way it is written, the way everyone reads it or you can sit down, turn the page and start writing your own story for this world you live in.

I draw and I create because I can. This is what my muse taught me. For me there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than the idea of creating something that will be part of this world one day. I don`t speak about giant buildings or discoveries beyond human comprehansion, I speak about your own personal creation even if it is simple note book with a simple short story written with a pen during a break between classes in highschool. I don`t speak about racing to reach a creation of pure perfection, I speak about giving shape of your ideas and while they may not always be or ever reach the result you originally aimed for, they will still be all yours. Love them, keep them, you are their creator.

Me and my Muse, we see the world in motion and we fly through it. Maybe we`ll leave some sparks on the way. Maybe somebody will pick them one day. Maybe it will be you.

This is my Muse and yes, I named him with the first name that came to mind when I first tried to draw him - Exarrdian Muse.