Ethereal Muse

Click for larger view Name: Ethereal
Owner: Joey
Location: Nieran
Birthday: 24th of December
Affinity: Light/Dark
Abilities: Starfire, Barrier, Dark Arrow, Wings

Joey has always been fascinated by the night sky. When she was little, she'd go to her father and ask him to tell her all about the different kinds of stars. Some of her favorite bedtime stories were these mini-astronomy lessons. And then thanks to some of the fantasy books she read as she got older, she never quite stopped thinking of the stars as more than just what they appeared to be.

When Joey first met Team InsaneSoft, she was fascinated by the stories of their muses, but felt that she was independent enough of a creator that she didn't really need a muse of her own. Little did she know that even back then, Ethereal was already a part of her.

Ethereal's story is that of a star, capable to taking on a human-like form, and curious enough to want to come down to earth to experience it more fully. Ethereal became Joey's muse when she was small, but it wasn't until Joey started writing stories for InsaneSoft that Ethereal was then able to step forward and introduce itself as a character. It took Joey a while to adjust to having a muse active and present in her mind, but over time, their bond has become inseparably deep.

Staying true to Joey's own love of anything complex and complicated, Ethereal can change its form depending on its mood and situation. Ethere - a cheerful young boy wields a sword of light to protect his friends. Etherea - an antisocial and mysterious girl with a bow made out of dark energy and the ability to manipulate shadows. And Ethe - a purple, fox-like creature who communicates telepathically and uses its cuteness to its every advantage. But no matter what form it takes Ethereal is Joey's guardian, her helper, her inspiration, her conscience, her muse...and the very soul of her being.