Because we all like to play around with our arts. Most of these are fairly old but if you for some ungodly strange reason want them on your desktop (I know I didn`t need need such reason to have one of these on mine) here can get several wallpapers made by the crew.


- 1024x768 -

Go go Team IS! Six muses here! And more muses

You may think one does not fit..but you are wrong! Raagh! Well do you?

Apple? Now with many sparkles.. Do not fear, Moonshade is now here!

Joey, joey, joey~ Our favourite star tactician!Yar har har~

And how about some rum? We come and go together! Heroes need a break too, right?

Shh..don`t tell.. There to inspire..and are you there to appreciate back? Happy Summer 2008!

One and only...thankfully. And pretty Lys ~ Seriously, who doesn`t?

Beautiful starry wallpaper

- 1680x1050 -

In case someone wants creepy Zulah staring at you.. Welcome to the lower kingdom!

- 600x800 -

Zealous in Wonderland ~ Party that was on the quest for the Wind of Muse