Ragnarok Online Scripts

For about three years Denny and Joel were GMs on two Roleplay RO servers and during that time Joel wrote some scripts. Since both the servers are now down Joel figured he can share the scripts with whoever might find them useful. The scripts are free for use.

Note: They are pretty old so don't be surprised if some of them error or don't work correctly.
Other scripts may use custom items, mobs, or npcs so if the numbers seem weird they are custom; change to what you like!

Garland: Ho ho ho!

  • 2ndStarQuest4
    This Script was for a RP server where certain characters would get chosen by the "stars" and gain their spot in destiny (and the statue or whatever NPC changes to display the chosen one's name). They also got awarded a card. The portal is at odin's temple and would open every clock cycle.

  • Carnival Night Boogie

    A Npc that can play bard songs. A Jukebox npc if you will.
  • City Walkers

    Want allied monsters that can walk around town? Here's how.

  • Cygnus

    A custom helmet quest.

  • Garland

    A fun little npc that can disguise you (randomly) and such.

  • Geffenia NPCs

    NPCs made for Denny's custom Geffenia.

  • Glastheim Npcs

    NPCs made for Denny's custom Glastheim.

  • Minstrel

    a NPC for a quest for the green minstrel hat

  • Nuctros Fashion NPC

    A random item quest npc for the items listed.

  • Pirate NPCs

    Random Pirate NPCs. One was a guild storage for a pirate guild. The Detective NPC was a test on how to make a NPC give random lines each time he was spoken to.

  • Recolor NPC

    A NPC that would take specific items (or an original hat and dye) and in exchange give you a different color of that hat.

  • Warpers

    This server had warpers based on nationalities. Here they are.

  • Mobs

    A bunch of custom mobs I've made. Some might not be mine but belong to other GMs I worked with. Episode 5 mobs are mine for sure as are the custom orcs. I particularly like the Nightmare Orc since it has plant defense. I lost my Blood Orcs which were cool oh well.

  • Items

    A bunch of custom items I've made including guns that shoot magic bolts and items that use monster skills.