Anything Else

Anything else downloadable can be found here! Best keep them here so that Garland doesn't try tinkering with them and making them explode...

Joel's Stories
  • Garland's World Tour
    A senile old clutz who often mistakes his own identity searches the entire Fan Fyria on an epic quest to find his missing son. What misadventure await this professor of inventions that seem to do more damage than help?
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Note: You have no right to use this games for money.They are free and made with RPG Maker 2000/2003. Windows Vista or 7 may have problems playing them.




  • Final Moon
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    Moonshade must save the the world. All before the Final Moon.

    Follow the epic adventures of a young hero who becomes the Moonshade Hero. On his tale he must vanquish evil foes and gather many allies in order to truly save the world.
    Note the game is a parody. Made in collaboration by both Denny and Joel.


  • Turtle Island: Jolly Roger Sabotage
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    Frankie Kappa has long hosted tournaments on Turtles Island, but never before has it sparked this much attention with so many powerful Captains. In addition, the Navy got a tip on the tournament and sailed out to catch some bounties. Play as one of these captains (or the Navy) and see how their destiny would unfold had they reach the final round if the tournament.

    Pirates! Lots of them be here, yar. Instead of an RPG, Joel tried creating an action-fighting game with pirates in a crazy Insanesoft style with a randomized chest full of surprises and pirates utilizing odd attacks to bring their opponents down in this Pirate Tournament game.


  • Xmas with the Stars
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    Someone has scattered the various stars and its up to Zenther and his friends at Jah to get them back and save Christmas!

    This game is full of minigames. Another collaboration project between Denny and Joel.