Earth. Land, seas, sky, and all that fills it. The finished product is made beautiful by the ideas, the energy, and the work you put into it - no matter what its "imperfections." It is a responsibility, but it is something to love with all you are. When you create, you give life.

Joey - "1. Creating. 2. ??? 3. Profit!"

When I was five, I wanted to be an artist. Then I found out about words.

I don't know when I first switched to wanting to be a writer. I know it wasn't too long until I realized that my stories were things that would take novels to say.

These days, it takes me novels just to talk about my novels. But you've probably noticed that by now.

Maybe someday I'll talk about those here too. XP

Denny - "It never ends!"

Hi I`m Denny and I like creating things. When I was in mid school I was constantly writting short stories with illustrations then comics when I went in Highschool. I have about ten or so note books with comics, stories and the like and I still keep them around.

Eventually started making games on RPG Maker and finished about four games. This was again during the highschool years and oh, they are so full of teenager jokes. Even so they were the base from where FanFyria all started. I plan to remake them one by one. This year my game project is "Tabagard" and it will be my fifth game.

In 2007 I started a web comic but eventually had to stop it when I became GM at a roleplay RO server. I wasn`t happy with the quality anyway. I plan to remake it this year and this will be my first manga (hopefully first and not last!).

As event GM I made several plot lines on the Roleplay server and really enjoyed seeing the players excited or inspired. This was best reward ever seeing players so involved into your story they start brainstorming or really feel like their characters are there. It was wonderful feeling. During my GM years I made two fake game guides that followed the two plot lines on the servers. I`m pretty proud how they turned out even if they were just for the fun and perhaps bringing a smile on the players` faces. It was pretty fun challenge. After about three years I quit RO all together. I hope the people from there remember me with a smile.

Last year I took the big challange of taking part in NaNoWriMo and let me tell you, writing isn`t my strong point. Eventually I managed to get the word count (and above it) and I was pretty satisfied with the final result. I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this year as well and next one hopefully. I feel like it helps me improve my english and get over my writting phobia.

And lastly, before all, I am an self learning artist. I draw all the time. Be it doodles or complicated pictures. I still struggle with the backgrounds but I shoot my best whenever I can.
That`s me folks, going to create things in one way or another `till my brain rots.

Joel - "Sharing the characters"

Hi, I'm Joel and I draw, write, and make games! Out of the three, I draw more than I write and I write more than I make games, I can count the games I have on one hand, but even so with three mediums of creation, there's sure a lot I can accomplish! I am a proud creator of many characters and story ideas and would like to share a few favorites to give a good feel what it means to create.

Garland, a senile old clutz for a man is perhaps one of my most popular characters. But don't take my word for it, take it from him in a story I created called Garland's World Tour, where he roams the entire Fan Fyria (literally) on an epic quest to find his missing son and probably causes more trouble than he should have from his accidental mischief. Another favorite is a noble boy named Owlbell Nuctros, a narcissist whom is very full of himself and believes everyone else around him should kiss the ground he walks on. To demonstrate these two characers, here is an interaction between them in Garland's World Tour


Garland shook his glove and a cane popped out which he tapped against the floor as he entered inside. "Ho ho ho! I say, if your ego was any higher, your head would be inflated like a balloon!"

The noble boy's smile quickly faded. His face grew red as he bit his lip and shook his fist epically with a scowl. "How dare you say such things to I, Owlbell Octavier-Sebastian Nuctros VI!"

Too bad for Owlbell, the old man's cultured facade quickly ended. He tossed the cane aside and scratched his head like a confused chimpanzee - at least thats how the noble would describe him. "Where am I? Get out of my house!"

Owlbell was about to continue his tirade then paused with his finger pointed. "Wait what?"

"Out of my house, young whipper snapper! Don't make me call the police on you!"

"But... this is my dorm! And I should call the police on you, you... you senile old bum!"

"Police? But I am the Police, boy! I AM THE LAW!!!!!!!!" bellowed the old man with much ferocity.

Stunned, the poor young noble stepped backwards ready to leave. Especially when somehow the old man activated one of his gadgets and suddenly a miniature version of RoboCop appeared outside the window pointing at Owlbell and whirled in a robotic monotone "I robot You dead". Owlbell ran. He ran and never looked back.

Blinking, the old man turned around and the robot was gone. "Huh...where did that young boy go off to? I wanted to ask if he seen Reinhaz..."