About Insanesoft

So, who are we? A bunch of insane people who adventure together in a world called FanFyria (and sometimes cross over to Earth) with our many beloved characters, that's who! We found each other online, and what started as a roleplaying group became close friends who share similar feelings about creativity. And thus we embraced our inspiration and established InsaneSoft. Our world is what brings us together. Together we created this world.

Muses are what inspire us and help bring us into the world of creation. You may have a muse too if you look hard enough. After all, our muses came to us! Exarrd, Xander, and Ethereal - these three muses are part of Insanesoft as well. We wouldn't want to adventure without them! They aren't just characters, they are the beings that inspire us and encourage our creative sides, they are our friends, they are our family - they are part of ourselves. In fact no character is just a character. They are living right under our noses in a special world beyond Earth. A little place called FanFyria.

This journey - through FanFyria, through Earth, through our own minds and souls - is an ever-changing, ever-wondrous thing. It's an adventure, and one that's far from over. And now we're here to share our story, our creations with you.

You are in danger, friend. In danger of becoming sane, seeing the world as what it is without looking beyond. Behind every person, every place, every object, there is a story, something to inspire us. This is what Insanesoft is about. We make the impossible possible and the possible impossible. We learn to see beyond the surface and try to see that story that makes the surface far more interesting. Our world, our stories, our projects, are meant to inspire and to make you think. You too can create. You too can share this special world.

All you have to do is believe.