This Story

It’s what we all secretly wish for – to walk out of this world and into another, to leave reality behind and replace it with fantasy and adventure. FanFyria is a world that allows just that. It’s a world of dragons and swords and magic, of memories in crystal, and of myth in the making. Here, human imagination is the strongest force. But not everybody who visits gets to be the hero.

The powers of the Void are on the rise, and if Joey is going to have the adventure that she’s always dreamed of, she’s going to need plenty of help from someone who knows the corners of her mind even better than she.



The resident green-and-gold-loving thief, team writer, and super-busy-person.  Aside from tormenting Joel and making money at my genetics day job, my other real love in life is stories – reading, writing, or living them.  And I’m forever thankful to InsaneSoft for giving me an outlet to do all three.

I also doodle and draw a little to go along with my stories, but I’m much better with words; and as you’ll learn, I tend to use a great many of them to explain anything and everything I do.

My Ideas

FanFyria Journey goes back a few years to the first version of the IS site and the first version of Denny’s comic.  Back then, all of the Team IS projects shared the same page and each of us had one day each week that was “ours” – a day to post a comic or drawing or story or whatever we wanted to share. FFJ was my project, and the original purpose of the story was to create the setting, to give more background to the world and characters that showed up in the comic and other projects, and to explain some of the more complex concepts of FanFyria that were better said with words.

Things have changed a little since then. If you read FFJ, you’ll still find the explanations, a few character cameos and crossovers, and plenty of exploration in the story. But it’s also become an independent adventure in its own right. I think. Or so I hope, anyway.

I joined Team InsaneSoft several years ago – sometime after Denny and Joel had met and the group had its official name, and sometime before the “Dream World” of random adventures became the world of FanFyria that we know and love today.  While not based on any specific events or role-plays, FFJ is in its own way, a retelling of my own first steps into the amazing world that Denny and Joel had first breathed life into.

FFJ is still meant to be followed along with Denny’s comic.  Please check it out if you haven’t already!  You’ll get the most complete version of our adventures in that way!


This story is a work-in-progress. Most of the writing for each episode, I do on the same day that I post it. And I’m lucky if I actually get it all done by my Tuesday update goal. I do usually go through a couple drafts when I’m writing, although it’s all within a pretty short period of time, and I’m bound to still miss a few of my mistakes. So if you do notice anything that sounds off, I won’t mind at all if you point it out. I’ll also appreciate any suggestions for the site in general too.

Generally, I like to finish a story in its entirety before sharing it, so FFJ is an interesting exercise for me. I do have notes and a rough outline, but I’m horrible at sticking to them. I’ll be doing my best to stay consistent for now, and if I do make changes to any episodes that I’ve already posts, I’ll keep it to minor changes only. I do plan to compile everything into a print version at the end, and I’ll probably do a more substantial re-write then. But the heart and soul of the story are true and will stay as they are no matter how many drafts I go through.

I really do mean it about pointing out any mistakes though. >>

Legalities, etc

I get a lot of help from Denny and Joel in brainstorming and coming up with ideas for FFJ episodes. But the actual writing itself is my own. All the characters in the story still belong to their respective owners (me, Joel, or Denny), but I do have full rights to include in my story all the characters and places that appear. The world of FanFyria is a world that we share.

I don’t mind my characters being used for fan-works (if by some strange chance anybody is ever so inclined…), though I would appreciate knowing about it (so I can tell you how awesome you are), and I would ask that you do so in a manner that is respectful of the characters (or at least doesn’t torture them too much).

However, anything that would be for commercial use or profit does need my permission first.