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19 years old and stuck somewhere between childhood and growing up, Joey has loved to tell stories for as long as she can remember.  She always wanted a fantasy adventure of her own, and she used to think that if she wished on enough stars then it would eventually happen to her.  But the adventure she finally got is not much like the stories that she used to read.

As much as she likes being the “main character,” Joey is also independent to a fault and still isn’t quite sure how to adjust to having a personal guardian who never seems to want to leave her side.  And she’ll put up with his secrets…to a point.  In the meantime, while she assumes that she will have to go back to her own world eventually, she is enjoying the days she spends in FanFyria.


Joey’s muse and guardian. He came to FanFyria at the same time as her, and although that was their first meeting face-to-face, his knowledge of her seems to go beyond what he’s willing to admit.

His appearance is that of a 14-year old boy, though his lavender hair and strangely-shaped ears are evidence enough that he’s not human.  He seems to have some kind of special ability to manipulate light, and he’s surprisingly handy with a sword.  He’s revealed very little about his own past or origins – only that his full name is Aetherium and that he is from a place called Nieran.  And that he’ll do whatever he can to stay by Joey’s side…and to keep her in FanFyria.


The “creature” form of Joey’s muse and essentially the same being as Ethere, only with the appearance of a small, purple fox made of flame.  Ethe has the ability to create barriers from light, and even to help Joey to fly.  Ethe also communicates entirely telepathically and can chose to “speak” to a single person or even to an entire group of people at will.


The third form that Joey’s muse can take. Etherea has the appearance of a young girl. And although all three are in essence the same being, Etherea makes it clear that they each have a unique personality.

Unlike the other two, Etherea uses mainly the night as the source of her power, and is even able to become part of the shadows if needed. She is much less likely to show herself, as she doesn’t seem to have much patience for Joey’s faults and fumblings, and in general has very little to say to her host.




A priest of Fyria, Aleksei was the first person that Joey met when she arrived in the small village of Azarea with an important message for the church there.  Joey gets along easily with him, perhaps because he seems to be a little less stiff than most of the other priests.  Or maybe just because he’s one of the few people who’s been willing to give her more information about the world that she’s found herself in and the significance of her presence there.  But for all the questions that he also asks of Joey, he has answered very few about himself.

When Joey left to continue on her way to Morland, Aleksei wasn’t far behind.  But after Joey’s midnight encounter with Levasu, Aleksei’s current whereabouts have become unknown.


Possibly the strangest person yet that Joey has met on her journey through FanFyria…and he’s from her world!  Joel was accidentally summoned across dimensions by his muse, Xander, during a fight with the mad scientist Garland.  Much to Joey’s surprise, Joel seemed to accept his fate in this new world without question, and he has proven himself to be the possessor of a powerful – if also extremely bizarre – imagination.  And after saving the village of Jah from Garland’s strange inventions, Joel stayed behind to take on the job offer as their new king, while Joey continued on with her journey.

He also likes penguins.


A strange, tattooed boy hailing from a distant island, he has the power to turn just about anything into anything else.  Xander also has a strong sense of justice and responsibility, and he originally came to Jah hoping to find a way to protect the villagers from Garland’s schemes.  After accidentally summoning Joel to FanFyria, however, Xander finds a new purpose for himself as a loyal muse, ready to stand by and protect his owner.


Sai a wanna-be blacksmith that Joey and Ethere met on their first day in FanFyria.  He’s not above a little dishonest dealing, however.

Zenthera young, mute boy who travels FanFyria while riding atop a cloud, following the directions of his pocketwatch, and in search of a certain someone.

Denjeeanother priest of Fyria and a leader of the church in Azarea.  Denjee knows his own limits, and is calm and collected in almost any situation.  Only reluctantly did Denjee agree to let Joey deliver an important message to the head of the Fyrian church in Morland, and not without first giving her plenty of warnings as to the danger that might be along the way.

DrelmdorHe first crossed paths with Joey and Ethere during their first day in FanFyria, at which time he warned them to leave FanFyria while they still could.  His frequent companion is a black dragon who goes by the name of Pegasus, and the two have showed up on several unexpected occasions.  Drelmdor doesn’t seem to bear Joey any particular ill will, but he does obey the directives of someone else who wants her dead.  Which only complicates matters when Joey insists on thinking of him as her personal “guide.”

Levasusomeone with formidable magic as well as mastery of the powers of the void.  Levasu is searching for the Wind of Muse, which leads him to the priests of Azarea and to Joey in particular.  In his attempts to kill her, however, he reveals a specific animosity towards humans, though why is unknown.

Garlanda strange old man with strange inventions and an even stranger inability to remember his own name.  He seems to be rather obsessed with trying to fly.

LanaA young Fyrian girl that Joey met for a brief time while exploring an abandoned tower in the woods. She travels with her dragon Swiftling.

AlberiusA bishop of the Church of Fyria in Morland and the intended recipient of a message that Joey delivered from Azarea. He’s also one of the few who hasn’t been surprised to find out that Joey is human. His brother Richard was captured by the powers of the Void.

Beljack and KabelBrothers in search of adventure, preferably in the form of pirates.

JadeA rather reserved young woman who Joey convinces to join her small team while in Balisca. She seems to be looking for a particular missing item of value.